1.incorpate  (v) 結合;合併;納入,使具體化,成為法人(組織);組成

 If we are going to incorpate all of the CEO's suggestions for the product ,we'll have to start all over again.


2.issue  (v) 發出;流出 ;發布;流行

Managers were asked to issue letters of warning to employees who have missed two or more days of work

without a note from their doctor.


3.  require (v) 需要;要求;命令

 New employees who are not able to use the office software are required to learn it on their own time —either

 before or after work.


4.allocate   (v) 分配;分派;安置

This department currently allocates 10% of its budget to training, but reducing employee turnover could

lower  that  amount.

目前本部門撥出一成預算做人事教育訓練用, 但是減少員工流動率將可減低這個數額。 

5. assign  (v) 指定;選派;分派;分配

Each person on the R&D team will be assigned to research one of our competitors.



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