1.prepare  (v.)  準備;備齊;籌備

    Jesse prepared an information packet for the new client that included a product catalog and the company history.


*prepare 亦可作不及物動詞用,例如:They are prepareing for the presentation this afternoon.「他們正在為今天下午的簡報做準備。」

衍:preparation (n.)準備;預備

      make preparation (for)  (為...)做準備

      preparatory (adj.) 預備的;準備的

      a preparatory meeting 一場預備性的會議


2. submit  (v.)  提交;呈遞;使服從;屈服

     Requests for office supplies must be submitted to the office manager at least a week before the supplies are needed.


同:present (v.)提出

      tender  (v.) (用於正式的)提出

     The minister has tendered his resignation to the premier


反:withdraw (v.)  收回;撤回

衍:submission (n.)  呈送;提交

      submissive (adj.)  順從的;服從的


3.cross-reference (v.) 前後參照

  Make sure you cross-reference all of your sources and add them to your bibiography.


*cross-reference 亦可作 cross-refer。另,做為名詞用法時應寫成 cross reference,即為一複合名詞,cross指「交叉」,reference 指「參照」。

.type  (v.)  打字

    May I write it by hand, or would you prefer me to type it up on the computer?


*type 坐名詞用時指「類」、「型」、「樣式」,例如:The CEO is the type of person I admire 「執行長正是我佩服的那一類型的人。」

衍:typical  (adj.)  典型的;具代表性的

5.dateline (n.)  截止日期;最後期限

    We were not able to meet the dateline because of manufacturing delays.


*請注意力句中meet的用法。在這裡meet有fulfill「履行(責任)、satisfy「滿足(需要)」之意,例如:Does our service meet your expectations?「我們的服務是否符合您的期待?」


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